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Teacher Transforms Thrifted Tables Into a DIY Notepad and Pencil

We don't deserve teachers!

It is August and class has already started for many kiddos around the nation, and even around the world. This has left many parents figuring out ways to stay organized at home, or to make sure their kids have the best opportunities while at school. No matter whether they are entering school for the first time or getting ready to graduate, many will be spending nearly their entire day in the classroom - meaning that keeping the attention might get a bit difficult after a while.

One way to help keep attention in the classroom is to make sure that the surroundings, the class itself, is as attractive as possible. After all, a boring room makes for bored kids. So let’s take a look at one cool DIY thrift that can really elevate typical tray tables into something perfect for any teacher to put in their rooms.


Kellzrl is a second grade teacher, so you can certainly say that she knows what she is talking about when she says she wants something a bit more interesting for her room. She starts off by thrifting a few older folding tray tables, the kind you would normally drag out so you could eat your dinner in front of the television after a long day.

Each of the tables are prepped before the fun part - painting - begins. Each of the table’s legs gets painted to resemble pencils, complete with black on the ends to mimic pencil leads and pink where it connects to the table part for the eraser. A stool is also added and painted in the same fashion, making the entire set look cohesive.

The table tops are then painted a glossy white, before Kellzrl whips out a pencil and a ruler, creating horizontal lines across the white canvas. A red, black, and blue set of markers are then used to make each of the table tops look like lined paper, helping complete the overhaul and making these tables look like the perfect additions to any classroom. A final spray helps seal everything in and makes sure that they’ll stand up to the wear and tear of use over time.

So what do you think? Totally cool, or are you like some commenters, and saying that there are a few missed opportunities to turn the table tops into rulers or other classroom items?