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A Thrifted Gallery Mirror Wall Is Going to Be Your Next Décor Goal

This look is so stunning and regal.

We’ve all seen tons of gorgeous mirror flips and thrifts and DIY’s that have taken the ordinary mirror and turned in into something absolutely fabulous. You can check out past articles on DIY waterfall mirrors, or even a story on a brother who created stunning geode-themed mirrors for his twin sisters, but today let us take a look at a crafty creator who took thrift-store mirrors and turned them into the mirror wall of our dreams.


TikTok creator Sarah Teresinki starts off the video by sharing with us that she has been collecting thrifted mirrors for years, with the idea that she’d use them in her and her husband’s bedroom. She’s been hoarding them here and there throughout her house until she had just enough to make a mirror wall, which has always been a part of her vision for her home.

As you can tell, she’s got more than enough behind her to do just that. And from thrifting them over the years as she saw them on sale, she likely saved quite the pretty penny in doing so.

She also says that her vision includes gold (which, luckily many of the mirrors already have), and black. So to make that vision come to life she reviews each of her mirrors, seeing which ones work as-is, and which ones need a touch up with a spritz of metallic gold spray paint.

Then she gets to work and, to save time, Sarah decides to just use a piece of cardboard laid down on the mirror to protect it from the spray paint, rather than taping it all off. She makes sure to spray lightly, still allowing some natural tone to shine through, which helps the gold look a little more realistic and aged in the ‘right’ way.

The last step is just to hang them on the wall, and can we just say right now how gorgeous the finished look is? The beautiful gold frames pop against the dark wall, and the entire looks so modern and upscale, far beyond what we could have imagined with the little amount she spent on the whole project!