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Dad Converts Toilet Seat Into Infant Sensory Toy but Video Has Folks Divided

Not everyone is ready to dub this dad a "genius" for this one.

Any parent will tell you that they will spend hundreds of dollars on cool, educational toys, and their kids will have more fun playing with the box. The thing is, the world is so new and fascinating to kids, they don't need that much to stimulate their imaginations. They want to explore their new worlds through touch, but truthfully there aren't a lot of opportunities to do that safely.  

So one TikTok dad decided to give his daughter a "controlled" sensory experience by turning a common toilet seat into an immersive toddler fidget board. 


The dad created suspension straps so the baby could sit in it, and along the seat he secured everyday objects like a doorknob and a latch lock to keep her engaged. 

People were completely divided on whether this was a good idea or not. Some praised the dad's ingenuity, saying that his invention was sure to keep her entertained for hours. Others were a little quicker to judge saying that he is training her on how to use some of those dangerous household items, and that she could easily get hurt in it. Others also noted that the material really wasn't strong enough to hold her safely in the air.

You're probably better off just grabbing a busy board, like this Montessori style one for  $39.99. With supervision, this is a great way to capture their attention without potentially hurting themselves, but props to the dad for thinking outside the box!

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