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DIY a Truly Unique Toothbrush Holder

Perfect for quirky homes.

Okay, so we are not going to really consider brushing our teeth anything more than a daily (or twice daily) chore that just has to get done. It is right up there with vacuuming or mopping for excitement level, even if it does play a significant role in our health.

And while we can use toothbrushes for many things outside of brushing our teeth, such as deep cleaning things that are a bit hard to reach, we don’t really spend much time on the brushes themselves. In fact, toothbrushes and their holders are often considered among the most easily forget-to-clean places! But what if you could change all that by adding a super cute DIY toothbrush holder to your bathroom?



Today we are turning it over to the fabulous Mindy at MindyDIY and her fun little DIY toothbrush holder idea. It appears like everything she got together was purchased from her local Hobby Lobby, so check it out next time you head that way yourself.

She starts with heavy metal brackets, the kind which look like they hold up potion bottles rather than anything that you’d find near a toothbrush, but that just lends itself well to the look that Mindy is going for. This is because the next thing that she adds are… potion bottles!

Okay, they are just glass bottles, but they really do look like they belong in an alchemist’s lab. The brackets tightly clamp around the neck of the bottles, holding them firmly in place so that you don’t have to worry about the glass falling and shattering. Then just pop your toothbrush in and boom - instant super cool toothbrush holder!