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Man Constructs the Coolest Plant Stand From an Old Tree Branch

This is such a cool idea.
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Being a plant parent comes with challenges; how do I keep my plants happy and healthy when i leave town; where will I get the money to buy the new exotic monstera variety for sale at the local nursery; how will I ever decide which pot will make the perfect new boot for my aloe vera; and where the heck will I put all these plants?

Storing and stashing plants is perhaps one of the hardest things about being a plant parent. I mean there are only so many bookshelves, windowsills, and sunny areas in a home. Plant stands that have multiple plant holding platforms are one of the best things on the market because you can host many plants at once in one location, and manufacturers know this because they seem to all cost an arm and a leg.

TikTok page @ideatimes posted a brilliant DIY plant stand that can hold many plants at once and has minimal damage on the wallet to make. Talk about a DIY score!

The man uses a large tree branch that has multiple branches coming off of it for the plant stand structure. He saws off the branches to the desired heights and then gives the entire branch a nice sanding and a coat of spray sealant. The man then uses concrete and a terracotta pot to make a secure base for the stand. He attaches round wood discs to the tops of each branch to act as the pedestal for each plant that is to be placed on the freshly crafted stand!

This is a brilliant DIY that all plant parents can back!

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