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Easy 'Girl's Night' DIY Craft Project Results In the Cutest Tye-Dye Shoes Ever

Immediately dying to try this.

Sleepovers were probably one of my most favorite childhood memories. It was the only night where we could stay up past bedtime eating the best junk food, spend a few hours binging our favorite movies and of course commemorate our girls night by doing a few pranks that usually involved a few kitchen condiments and shaving cream.

However, rather than use the shaving cream on the face of the first person who fell asleep, how cool it would’ve been to use the shaving cream to create an epic tye-dye DIY instead! TikTok user @alexisharmon5 showed us how shaving cream and a tye-dye kit from Walmart can transform a basic pair of white canvas shoes into magical looking walking art!


In the video that already has over three million views, she takes a disposable baking pan and applies shaving cream to the entire bottom of the pan. Armed with a pair of disposable gloves, she takes her bright colored dyes and uses a wood stick to create different patterns throughout the colorful shaving cream. Afterwards she takes the shoe and carefully rolls the shoes throughout the cream before placing the pair on a paper towel. In the next clip, we’re met with three beautiful and fun colored pairs of shoes that are perfect for the upcoming summer season!

The viewers couldn’t help but agree! One TikTok user commented “I thought this was going to be a hot mess. I was wrong. Nice job!” Another commented “Wow! Was not expecting that result. Came out so good.”

These shoes seriously look like they came fresh off the shelf! I’m sure plenty of parents will be rushing to the store so their girls can do this fun DIY on their next girls’ night!