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Woman Creates 'Unicorn Skull' Out of Bones and the Result Is Jaw-Dropping

This is one unique mount!

So let’s start this one off by saying there might be a small trigger warning, especially if you find skull decor uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you are looking for just the right blend of creepy and cool, perhaps a piece of decor that is totally on point for the upcoming Halloween season, then look no further than this homemade unicorn skull.


Lauren Riley is the creator of The Dinosaur Circus on TikTok and is the brains behind this awesome DIY unicorn skull. She starts the piece off by picking up an ethically sourced deer skull, though you could probably use plastic skulls if the real thing isn’t something you want to bring into your house.

She then ensures that the skull is clean, with no grease or anything else left, and then finds exactly where she wants to put the horn. In Lauren’s case, or at least the skull’s case, this is the natural dip between the eyes, which she marks with a pencil. Lauren then sourced a spike buck antler, which is essentially the antler of a deer that grew completely straight. Again, you could choose to do the same, find a plastic replacement, or even sculpt a horn yourself if you are going for a more unique look.

Using a drill (with all necessary protective equipment), create a place to attach the horn through the skull, then another through the base of the horn so they can be held together. Wild boar tusks are added to ‘bulk out’ the teeth of the skull, one to create a wilder, fiercer appearance that is perfect for the majestic unicorn, but also to make it a little bit less recognizable as a deer skull. You can easily skip this step if you choose.

Epoxy putty is added to create a bone-like texture around the newly attached appendages, making everything look smooth and cohesive, and by the time Lauren is done, you could almost never tell that the additions weren’t there from the very start.

This is where the video ends, and we will be on the lookout for where Lauren goes in and paints the super cool (and kind of creepy) skull mount, so stay tuned!