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Woman Transforms Average Mirror Into a Literal Waterfall and It’s Stunning

Such a beautiful accent piece in any room!

Mirrors are already such a staple piece in most homes. They’re a great way to add color, light, and even the sense of a greater amount of space, even if you are on a budget. Even better than that, though, is the fact that there are tons of ways to style them! From where you choose to place them, what you choose to surround them with, even different lighting effects, you can get a lot of life when using mirrors in your decorating scheme.

So let’s take that one step further. Today, we’ve got three words for you (well, we guess it is really two and an acronym, but don’t judge)! DIY. Waterfall. Mirror. Hooked yet?


Today’s totally awesome DIY comes from Teetee (THouse2020 on Tiktok), and she has us blown away with her hack to creating the perfect statement piece for any room in your household or even outside in a garden!

Tee starts off with a mirror, and for her it was easy. She just took the old door mirror off of her closet and used that (though she says you can purchase or thrift your own easily enough.) You just want to ensure it is waterproof on the back, which may require some sealing. Next, you’ll want some sort of decorative ‘bucket’ that can hold the water that is both falling and recycling upwards, a water pump, some extra bits and bobs (which, luckily she all lists in the video), and a little greenery to put around the finished product.

Put all the pieces together, and the result is an absolutely stunning and super expensive-looking water mirror. One that would cost literally, thousands of dollars if you decided to purchase it already made from a larger store.