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Woman Creates DIY Wavey Shelves and They Fit Perfectly

Easy enough to try at home.

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Just because you want to hang some shelves, doesn't mean they have to be boring. You could use some cool floating shelves to set the tone, such as these easy Amazon circular ones. But if you need more space to put stuff, keep on reading.

TikTok creator Erica Stolman Dowdy had a great vision of how to create more storage for her desk area in a stylish sense, of course. Let's take a look!

"So I had this idea to create some wavy wiggly shelves above my desk for additional storage," Erica says in the video. "So my husband got me supplies, I traced on my shape and he did this Bob the Builder thing and made me three of these shelves. He then mounted them to my wall."

We love how these turned out!

All that's needed for this DIY project are plain white shelves, a sharpie, some spray paint - such as the Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in white, brackets to hang them, sandpaper, and a tool to cut these bad boys into shape. 

Fairly simple. If you don't have a tool to cut them, then Home Depot would be your best bet. And if you don't have a boyfriend or husband, you can certainly swing this DIY project yourself. 

After the shape is traced, the shelves can be cut, sanded down, and painted. Once dried, they can be attached to the wall. And voilà - more storage.

If you want to spice things up a notch and give your office area a rustic makeover, these cool DIY shelves using pallets will do the job. 

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