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Check Out This Quick and Easy Way To Decorate Your Windows For the Holidays

Adorable and so simple!

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One of the things that I love most about the holiday season is just how much I can let my creativity fly. Of course, most of the ideas that I get are pulled off the internet, because there is just a treasure trove of DIY ideas out there that are so good I just can’t help myself! Everything from using pool noodles for really cool decoration ideas to entire Christmas bauble archways that make something in my little heart just a bit happier.

But one thing that has always been a bit harder to decorate is windows; I never know what to do with them! Luckily for me (and hundreds of others out there), TikTok creator Becca Courtice has the perfect solution to all your window woes.


The biggest thing you need for this adorable DIY is a window paint pen, the kind you’d maybe use on a car window or store front. You can usually find them at your local store in the craft section, or order some online. This specific artwork uses a white pen, but you can use any colors that your heart desires to add a bit of extra flair!

Use a small nail or something you can stick to the center and get a string, which you can then tie the end of your pen to and create the perfect circle with. This is especially helpful if you are anything like me and can’t draw a circle to save your life without much help. Draw some branches coming off of both the outside and inside of the circle, giving it more of that ‘wreath-y’ look.

From there, add tinier, needle-like branches off of the main ones, moving around the circle until each one has been completed. You can add little circles for berries, a tiny bow, or anything you like, or just leave it as is for a clean and classic look!

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