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Creative Uses Spray Paint to Transform Old Windows Into The Cutest Vintage-Styled Mirrors

This is perfect décor for weddings and baby showers!

As a kid, I would often see people going through items that were sitting on the side of the road in front of people’s houses. I didn’t quite understand what they were doing at the time but as I got older I understood that other’s trash could be someone else’s treasure.

Such is the case with the woman in this TikTok video. TikTok user @dive_and_thrive, whose account is dedicated to “turning trash into cash,” gathered some old windows and instead of throwing them away, she repurposed them into cute, vintage décor!


This DIY is perfect for boho-themed events such as weddings, both bridal and baby showers, or you can use it as everyday décor in your home. The best part— it’s so easy to do! All she did was flip the window over and spray the backside of the glass with spray paint that turns glass into mirror, such as Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint, let it dry and you now have a mirror! Of course, you can stop there, but if you want to make it a bit more fancy, you can do exactly what the creator of the video did and put a nail at the top of the window-turned-mirror and hang a beautiful floral wreath that matches your event theme or home décor.

So simple and so cute!! Would you try this easy DIY?

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