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Woman Turns Wine Bottle into Romantic Candle Holder

What a great way to upcycle!

There are many ways you can upcycle things in your household, such as wine bottles. If you are like me and enjoy a glass of good wine here and there, you probably have a bunch of wine bottles laying around that look like they come straight from a French vineyard and not Trader Joe's. If that is the case, might as well put them to good use, since they are too pretty to just toss. 

You could turn them into romantic candle holders with a vintage touch, for example. As this TikToker Mira (@mirolubnaya) demonstrates in her how-to tutorial.


Look how pretty this looks! And it's fairly simple to do and won't take long. You only need a wine or champagne bottle, a candle, and a lighter. Once you light the candle, you let it drip around the opening, as well as let it drip down the neck and body of the bottle for it to create that wax pattern. You have to be careful though when you grab the bottle or insert a candle once it's dried, for it not to break off. 

To insert a candle, the best way is to melt the end or shave off a little and then insert it, it should fit perfectly. You can also insert the candle first, and let the wax drop from that candle, or add wax around it from another candle. Another great tip for the whole design to look vintage is to burn off the corners of the wine label or let it run through the flame to give the paper an old-used look. 

Such a romantic DIY project.