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This Woman Quit Her Job to Sell Wine Candles

And we're obsessed!

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For some people, their free time activities are more than just a hobby and some decide to quit their 9-5 to pursue what they really enjoy doing, such as creating cocktail glasses from spirit bottles

TikTok creator Nataliia Nagula did that and quit her job to start her own homemade candle business Felicita Aroma, by turning used wine bottles into candle jars. Take a look for yourself.

As she mentioned on her TikTok, she quit her job for this, and her Etsy shop Felicità Home Decor seems to be going well so far, looking at the more than 400 sales made.

In her video, you can see the process of what goes into making candles made out of used wine bottles. First, the bottles have to be soaked in soapy water to remove the label, then they are cut with a professional glass cutter, and lastly, they are sanded down with another machine, which can be purchased on Amazon. 

The great part about these candles is they are eco-friendly and sustainable. This is certainly a way of upcycling and doing something good for the environment. Mother Nature would be so proud!

However, TikTok had mixed feelings about this. 

One TikToker @ladywendyduck asked,

"Is this safe? I've had multiple candles from craft fairs with 'repurposed' glasses explode, so I've given up buying unless they're tested properly."

That's a good question. 

To which Nataliia responded with,

"Thanks for the question! It’s completely safe when you trim your wick and burn your candle for less than 4 hours per use."

Good to know!

Another TikToker @andrewlanghamclarkson wrote,

"I love stories of people who go for it. well done."

Yes, indeed. 

According to Nataliia, she's been doing this for years and has a lot of experience creating candles.

And TikToker @zartoomuch posted,

"I love this."

We do too!

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