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Woman Makes the Cutest Swing Shelves for Just $4

This dollar store DIY is worth it.

We have all seen those ultra-cute mini swings out there - the perfect Instagram decorations and decor items for your own home. You can use them to hang up small plants or little knick-knacks, or for other sorts of displays.

And while you could buy some fairly cheap mini swings from your local Dollar Store or similar, you can also make them all by yourself!


Parmveer is a nifty little crafter on TikTok and someone we are always dropping in on to see if they have something new for us to look at. And they do! This video covers their creation of mini swings with all Dollar Store purchased materials, which means you can really customize the swings to the exact sizes and lengths you need for your own home!

She starts off with getting some simple wood planks, probably about half an inch thick or so, and lays each one down before drilling a hole in each of the four corners. A power drill makes easy work of this, but if you had to you could probably hand drill through as well. Then she smooths the board down with a sanding stone so that there are no rough edges from drilling those holes.

Some stain helps elevate the look of the pale wood boards and helps make them look a bit less ‘Dollar Store’-y, and you could choose whatever shade of stain works best for your aesthetic. Then Parmveer takes up some of the nautical rope that she had also purchased at the Dollar Store and cut the lengths down before crimping the ends down so that they would not unravel.

The rope is pushed through the holes with the bottom ends knotted before a small hoop is added to where the ropes all cross over on the top. And there you have it - the perfect home made mini swing that you can use for any of your creative home displays!