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This DIY Dollar Store Craft Is Perfect for Anyone With a Gothic Home

Officially obsessed.

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So it may be getting close to Christmas but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still those of us out there longing for the spooky days of Halloween. And what better way to still celebrate your love of said spooky season than to get a head start on crafts for next year, or just some cool goth-inspired looks that you can put up all year round?

Let’s drop in and join Gatallgirl over on TikTok and see what she is able to come up with using only a few Dollar Store items and some sheer creativity!


Alrighty, so for this DIY you are going to want to head to your nearest Dollar Store to pick up a few necessary items. These should include a gothic-themed frame, which Gatallgirl was able to pick up for only three dollars, a plastic skull, zip ties, faux butterflies, and some peel-and-stick paper, as well as some spray paint, this creator went for a dark color shift that is just too gorgeous to speak about.

Start off by setting up your frame, getting it all prepped and spray painted in your chosen color. Next, grab your plastic skull and cut it so that you have the front ‘half’, sort of like a mount, which you’ll actually be doing later on! You want something that will sit flat on the backing for the frame, so try and keep it as neat and even as possible! Spray paint that the same color as the outer frame.

As the next step, take your peel-and-stick paper and place it on your backing, cutting it to size, then insert it into the frame. Punch some holes in the backing, as well as on either side of your skull close to the edge. Zip-tie the skull to the backing (I think this is a clever and simple step that keeps you from having to hot glue anything and potentially burn your fingers!) before adding the faux butterflies here and there.

And that is it! You now have yourself a creepy and cool piece of decor you can display on Halloween, or all year round as you wish!

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