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Creative Mom Uses Dollar Store Goodies For the Perfect Back-to-School Desk Organizer

There's no reason to use it solely for back-to-school!

Summer is drawing to a close and if the kiddos aren’t already in school then they will surely be heading that way soon enough. Unless you home-school, in which case you have the kiddos around all the time and all of a sudden all of their school supplies become your organizational issue.

So, how do you keep everything neat and organized without having to blow your entire school budget (and precious mental energy) on buying organizational tools that won’t get used? You use this crafty mother’s helpful Dollar Tree hack!


Katie Santana is a mom with a plan - her kid is going back to school and she wants to set them up for success the best way she knows how. She starts off with a desk from Wayfair before heading to the Dollar Tree for a lot of what she uses next.

The first thing that goes up is some peg board, which Katie can then hang up different things on. Some hooks are installed in a few of the begs, while some organizer cups are also added. These cups are the perfect addition for smaller items, such as pencils or clips, without them needing to be scattered across the desk.

Katie was also able to find some small shelf-like units that she also added. These ‘shelves’ can hold some of the larger items, like tape, sticky notes and glue sticks. The next step is to add a small white board in the back, perfect for taking short notes or reminders on what is coming up. A couple of plants and other knick-knacks are added for a bit of decoration, and the end result is one we could easily see using ourselves, even if we are long past our school years!