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Dollar Store Swing Shelf Is Cute and Affordable Way to Display Plants

There is so much potential here.

Dollar Tree has a lot of hidden gems - items that might seem like something cheap or even sort of a throw-away at first but has a lot of potential for those willing to think outside of the box.

After all, don’t we all want super cute décor at super low prices?


The creator at Flipped By M Boutique on TikTok is pretty much an expert when it comes to coming up with creative ideas for up-cycling Dollar Tree items. But today she’s almost outdone herself, taking something we probably wouldn’t have even given a second glance and turning it into a must-have!

So what is the item? A simple Dollar Store mini swing! Yes, for only a dollar and twenty five cents, you too can buy one (or a ton) of these mini swings and follow through on this creator’s awesome ideas.

The first idea she shows us is to simply hang it up in front of a window. From there she puts on a single plant, but can’t you already imagine a full planter’s worth of trailing ivy, hanging down in front of your window like the beginning of a forest dream, or hanging up your veggies or succulents that need a little more light? The weight helps hold the ‘swing’ steady, and putting it up and out of the way means no little hands (or paws) will be getting to it anytime soon.

But what else could you do with these cute décor items? Well, the list doesn't really stop. You could nail the hanger to a wall and make cute shelving out of it, putting up small picture frames or knickknacks. You could hang it in the bathroom for shower supplies, or in a kid’s room to keep small toys off the floor.

You might even be able to drill small screws into the bottom so you can hang leashes and pet supplies, while putting more on the swing at the top, creating a cute little way to both display your pet supplies while keeping them close at hand.