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Make a Giant Front Porch Christmas Display in Under 10 Minutes

And definitely use it for other seasonal celebrations too!

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Not everyone finds decorating, even for the holiday season, all that easy. There are so many elements to think about, and you want to make sure that it is all cohesive. But by the time the holiday season has rolled around, most of us are already just over-decorating, unless you are one of those special few who like doing it!

Well, Do It On A Dime, a TikTok channel with a bunch of creative ideas, has come up with a great way to decorate your front door quickly and easily and you can just store it away for each year!


So the basics of this hack are some climbing vine trellises that you can find at a Garden Center that most gardeners use to help their ivy or tomato plants grow tall. Zip-tie enough of them together to cover either side of your door, as tall as you want them to grow.

Now, this decor is for Christmas more specifically, but you can easily swap it out for any other season, or just have a few different trellises that you can swap out as needed. This creator starts off with some garland that simply hooks into the top of the trellises and hangs down each of the sides and more zip-ties hold that all in place.

More garland gets added, and here you can add all different kinds such as some with pinecones or different pops of color. The TikTok creator then added a whole bunch of different Christmas decorations such as giant candy canes, lollipops, and more. I personally love the glittery touch, but then again, I think the holidays are made for all things glitter.

The final step is just to add some nails to the top of the doorframe that the trellises can be attached to, and paint them the same color as your frame so they blend in. And that is it! Easy, quick, and looking fabulous.

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