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Bride-to-be Makes Gorgeous Centerpieces From the Dollar Store

They only cost $6

Any bride-to-be planning for their special day knows that weddings are expensive. While there are some things you want to invest in for your wedding, there are other opportunities where you may be able to cut costs and keep a little extra money in your pocket.

TikTok user @kaiandnika shared with over two million of us how her and her partner were able to make these floral table centerpieces for their 2022 wedding and not only are they beautiful but the only cost six dollars to create!


How stunning are these DIY table centerpieces? We love how simple and minimal it is and the gold, white and green colors together are breathtaking! And using the Lazy Susan turntable to intricately spray each centerpiece was genius! The best part, all of the materials were bought from the Dollar Tree! We love how creative the couple was when creating these. “I love the end product and would be fun to make together!!” TikTok user @kristenryder commented. Another TikTok user @pixiegal0 wrote “These are amazing!!! I’m going to use this idea!” “If it’s okay with u i will respectfully steal this idea for my future wedding,” @icezzfish wrote. “Spent little money but it looks like a $100 center piece,” @karenleonshiloh commented. We agree!

We love a good DIY that not only saves money and looks absolutely gorgeous, but is a fun project that can be done with your partner.