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Woman Makes Elegant Bathroom Caddy From Dollar Tree Finds

This looks like something you’d find in HomeGoods.

We’re constantly on the hunt for ways to bring more ease into our every day lives. So, when we come across a good clean hack that’s game-changing or an awesome home hack that helps with our organization, it’s always appreciated, especially when it’s stylish.

So, when we came across this video from TikTok DIY content creator @homegoodiys showing us how to create this cute modern bathroom caddy, we were so impressed. This super cute caddy looks like it came straight from the store shelf!


Not only is this bathroom caddy cute, but it’s so easy to do! All she did was take a foam board and applied the marble adhesive covering to fit the foam board. Next she hot glued the foam board to the gold wire basket and then proceeded to spray paint the stand gold before connecting the wire basket to the stand using zip ties. Afterwards, she took the other foam board and covered it in marble adhesive, then hot glued it onto the other wire basket before taking the completed stand and setting it on top the wire basket, as seen in the video.

The final look is gorgeous and so aesthetically pleasing for those who admire a minimal and modern style or a luxe look. Viewers in the comments agree. “I love this it looks modern and beautiful thank you,” TikTok user @tania8716 commented. “This is beautiful! And I appreciate that it didn’t take a ton of products either,” @ohmygodgab wrote. “Wow!!! Very creative,” @lupitaortega287 wrote.

It’s so simple, chic and easy to do. We love this DIY!