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Woman's Shares Dollar Tree Hack That Easily Helps Organize Cabinets

This hack is so genius!

Cabinet space can sometimes be limited, especially when living in a smaller home. Sure, you can always do a purge and get rid of some things, but if you rather not do that or if you still have quite a few items taking up space, you have to find other alternatives to make your space work for you. Storage bins are always a great idea when organizing your cabinets and shelves, but there’s another option you can use to free up space in your cabinets - the doors.

TikTok user @capture_india shared this genius Dollar Tree hack that uses an expandable towel holder as a spray bottle holder and it’s game changing!


What a great idea! Typically, most people place all cleaning products and bottles in storage bins, but using this expandable towel rack to hold the spray bottles can be even more efficient. To keep the towel rack in place, you can use command strips to ensure doesn’t move when opening and losing the cabinet door. The comment section was filled with viewers and followers who appreciated this hack as well! “I spent all night organizing my kitchen with ideas I’ve learned from you. Thank you so much. You truly make a difference,” @butterflies_butterflies_commented. “More Space?? I'm on my way to Dollar Tree!!” @abqcouponer wrote.

This extremely cheap hack is the perfect way to take advantage of every inch of your cabinet space!

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