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DIY Maven Shows Us How Dollar Tree Candle Holders Doubles As Beautiful Bridal Shower Decor

Every bride will want to do this for their bridal shower!

Bridal showers are the perfect way to celebrate soon-to-be-brides who are prepping for one of the biggest moments in their life. However, the event is not only a special time to shower the bride with gifts and extra love, but it also gives guests a glimpse into what they can expect from the upcoming wedding.

If you’re one of the brides who plans to DIY your wedding and wants to do the same thing for your bridal shower, then we have a beautiful DIY for you to consider, courtesy of TikTok user @hopetoshop.


These DIY table pieces are so gorgeous! All she did was glue the bases of two candle holders together, before gluing pieces of foam around the perimeter of the glued bases. She then placed a variety of flowers into the pieces of foam, filled the jar with water and added some rocks as well. Finally, she showed us two different options to use as décor: one option is to fill the jar with water and simply place a floating tea light candle onto the water and the other simple option is to halfway fill the jar with water, then proceed to nestle a small candle holder into the water and rocks and finally, place the tea light onto the small candle holder.

Both décor options are great, but it’ll probably be best to get as many hands on deck to help with this beautiful DIY