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Woman Creates Dollar Tree Version of a Lazy Susan and We're Impressed

This is such an easy DIY

As the old adage says, “the best things in life are free,” however, there is a price tag attached to other things that can be just as great. After all, strolling through the aisles of Target may be free, but how often does it happen that you walk out of Target with absolutely nothing? While that rarely ever happens, there are some instances when you want something, but you can’t quite afford the price tag that’s attached to it. And in those situations, we love when we find a simple DIY that works just as good as the real thing!

Thanks to TikTok user @paigedidwhat, we have an awesome and affordable Lazy Susan dupe that’s perfect for those who wants to have an organized seasoning cabinet, but don’t want to put a dent in their wallet to achieve such.


Using Dollar Tree items, Paige starts off this video by taking one plate cover, removing the sticker and spray painting it gold. Next, she added decorative glass marbles to the plate over before taking the other plate cover (that she also spray painted gold) and placing it on top of the marbles. Finally, she cleaned the cabinet before placing the completed project filled with a variety of seasonings into the cabinet.

This is so clever and creative. We love a simple and cost-efficient DIY!