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These Dollar Tree Fish Bowl Snowmen Are Our New Favorite DIY

Cute, easy, and cheap? Sign us up!

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There are tons of cute decor ideas out there, particularly for Christmas! Even better when those same decor ideas are cheap and easy to make, as well as being cute in their own right! There is everything from floating candle decor to garlands, wreaths, and more, but what if you wanted something that was a bit more… snowman-y?

Well, I have totally got you covered! Or rather, home decor maven Marilyn has got you with this ultra-adorable Dollar Store snowman idea!


So I would like to start off by saying that this is something I am definitely going to try myself. It's cheap, easy, and cute which is pretty much my trifecta for any DIY that I am going to attempt on my own.

You start off by grabbing three Dollar Store fish bowls, the kind that you can find back in the pet section. You can probably find the plastic ones, or splurge for the ‘glass’ ones if you are feeling extra fancy. You can also grab some white rocks or glitter and that will form your snowy ‘base’ in each of the bowls.

Starting with the bottom bowl, add cute decorations that you can also find at your local dollar store. These can include teeny houses, Santas, reindeer, or whatever your heart desires! Once the bottom bowl is done, put a little bit of glue around the base of the next bowl and glue it into the rim of the first. Repeat the process, stacking each bowl, until you have the traditional three-tier snowman shape, all filled with cute little winter wonderland vistas!

Spice things up by adding in some fairy lights, or anything else that catches your interest, or even add a top hat and some buttons to really make it more like a snowman, and voila - perfect decor for anywhere in your house!

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