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Woman Creates Beautiful Wall Décor Using Only Dollar Tree Finds

You will never guess what it is made of!

If you’re looking for some cute decor while on a budget then our first suggestion isn’t to head to Michaels or Hobby Lobby, but instead, to run to your local Dollar Tree! There are so many neat crafts you can make out of (sometimes unusual) objects, and you may even be able to create spoofs of some pretty expensive decor pieces at jaw-droppingly low prices.


While not a dupe for something specific, this one piece of wall decor by creator Paige, aka PaigeDidWhat, on TikTok is too cute not to share.

So, first we need you to go ahead and run (not walk) to your nearest Dollar Tree and scoop up a few items including some sheets of ‘wallpaper’ in the home decor section, some splatter guards over in home goods, and a few thin pieces of wood that look to be miniature swing displays.

Then you’ll want to head home and get out your trusty glue gun (this is important!) Once home with your haul remove the thin mesh from the splatter guard and set it to the side. All you want for this project is the thin metal ring. Then, using the wallpaper, completely fold and cover the thin pieces of wood and since the wallpaper you are using is, hopefully, peel and stick you should not need any glue or tape. This is what will be used for the shelving part of the decoration.

Spray paint, or paint, the metal rings to the color of your choice. You can see that Paige spray paints her rings gold, but you could use any other paint that you have on hand that fits your aesthetic or the specific look you are going for. (We think a bright turquoise would look amazing for this project!)

Finally, assemble the pieces together by using hot glue to hold the horizontal shelving units to the rings on top and bottom. Paige doesn’t show this directly in the video but she uses thin skewers painted the same color as her rings to help provide a little extra support for the shelves and to help stabilize the gap between the rings.

The end result is something absolutely adorable, and that looks nothing like the individual components it was made from!