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Woman Dupes Over $100 West Elm Vase With Supplies From Dollar Tree and We Honestly Couldn’t Tell a Difference

This is an easy and fun project with a great turn out.

While we love coming across great modern finds at some of our favorite stores such as Urban Outfitters, Article, Pottery Barn or West Elm, we don’t always feel comfortable with forking over a ton of money for something that we can potentially DIY for a lot cheaper.

Such is the case with DIY crafter and TikTok content creator @jaymuneediy. Rather than spend $345 on the cute and unique-looking vase, she made it herself using Dollar Tree projects supplies and her DIY version turned out so amazing!


To create this beautiful dupe, she purchased faux leather and a cylinder vase from Dollar Tree and measured the circumference of the vase. Once she got the correct measurement, she cut out the necessary amount from the faux leather and used a cricut to create the holes (you can use a hole puncher if you don’t have a cricut) and looped suede ribbon that she purchased from Walmart through the holes to finish the easy DIY dupe.

Not only do we love the finished project, but we appreciate how quick, easy and inexpensive it was for her to do this dupe on her own!