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Woman’s “Bathroom Doodles” Are Better Than Any Wallpaper Out There

We love how artsy it looks!

Bathrooms can be some of the hardest rooms to renovate, but they also often turn out to be some of the nicest. We’ve seen old-style vintage makeovers or even craft creators who’ve totally transformed their bathrooms into vampire-styled hideaways.

But when we saw the creativity of this TikTok creator, even we were blown away!


Lindsey Spears, the PaintingMama that we’ve featured before on our site, has brought yet another jaw-dropping painted wall creation to life. This time Lindsey has created a space full of whimsy, having gone a bit wild when it came to doodling.

Going through the video you can see everything from a happy little fish in a bowl, an elegant flower in a vase with ivy trailing down in a cascade along the wall, teeny doodles like what you’d see on a notebook, and more.

Every little nook and cranny is filled with something new, something unusual, something to catch your eye and delight you in the discovery. The doodled shelves on the walls even has artwork toilet paper and books, which Lindsey has polled her readers on what their names should be.

And then, at the end, a big blue blank space, full of potential. The perfect spot for a brand new mural, Lindsey again asks her viewers what they’d like to see in the space. Maybe a door to a new world, more whimsical images for those sitting and going about their bathroom business, or as one commenter suggested, a faux window with tiny bird friend and vines.

Whatever Lindsey puts up, we can guarantee it will be just as stunning as the rest of her room, and we will totally wind up wanting to go use her potty if we get the chance!