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If Your Door Doesn’t Close All the Way Even When It’s Shut, Man Has Simple Trick to Fix It

Anyone can do this.

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We all have a door that doesn’t close all the way. It closes on its own, but it doesn’t shut tight. If you have this problem, don’t worry—there’s a very simple solution! 

Here's what happens: when you shut your door, there should be a metal tab that lines up perfectly with the latch so that it automatically pushes back against it as soon as you try to open the door again. The problem is that sometimes these tabs get misaligned or bent, so they don't fit properly anymore, leaving your door slightly open even when it looks closed completely.

Folks were plenty grateful for @jmg8tor's insight. 

"Oh, wow thanks for sharing."@Dianne Y Manuel

"THANK YOU!!! You're awesome!!!" @susankay55

How do you know the tab is level with the door? You can measure it. How do you know your door latch is parallel to the strike plate? You can measure them both and make sure they're even. When your tab's not flush with the door, or if it's not parallel with either item mentioned above, something else is wrong; there's no way around it.

If your latch isn't level with its strike plate, this means that when you close your door all the way—but only partway back into place—this will cause problems for you in terms of locking properly and effectively shutting out cold drafts and such. If one side of your lock doesn't go back far enough into place because of this problem (which could also be caused by another factor), then that side won’t be able to latch onto anything during closing time completely!

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