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This Is a Random But Effective Way to Add a Pop Of Color To Your House

We never would have thought to paint there.

One of the amazing benefits of owning a home is you can do whatever you want to it, especially if you don’t have to worry about HOAs. Some of the coolest transformations we’ve come across thanks to TikTok involves a couple who painted their entire pool with the brightest colors, as well as a North Carolina homeowner and artist who transformed his home’s exterior into a giant disco ball.

While it’s clear some homeowners do extravagant changes that easily make their homes standout, there awesome people who do subtle changes like painting an accent wall or painting the inside edges of their doors a vibrant color. The latter is exactly what this homeowner did with the doors of her 1930s home and although we’ve never seen this before, we’re certain will see more people doing this. It’s definitely a vibe!


Isn’t this idea so cool and unique?! We love the bright, vibrant hue she used to color the door’s edges — it’s such an unexpected surprise pop of color! She mentioned in the comments that it’s been over a year since she painted the doors’ edges and judging by the recent video she uploaded, the paint still looks so fresh. We would’ve never thought to have solely painted just the doors’ edges as opposed to the entire door, but we love the way this looks and so does everyone in the comments! “If mine weren’t the original wood from 1930 I would 100% paint them. I love this soooooo much,” @the_tiredmom94 wrote. “Love the pop! Never thought of this before,” @peteyhana commented.

We agree! How many of you want to do this now?!