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Man Captures Closet Door Handle Mysteriously Jiggling and Honestly He Needs To Move

Sir, do you have your bags packed?

It doesn't matter if you believe in ghosts or not: There are some things that if they went on in your house and you couldn't explain it, you'd be gone. A "spooky deal breaker" if you would. One TikToker just shared a video of an event that if it went on in one of our homes, we can all probably agreed we'd be out

We're talking horror levels of creepy, people.


The video begins with the man entering the living room which is all together pretty average. In the corner closet by the front door the audio has picked up a faint clicking. When he approached, you can see the latch moving in and out, almost as if someone was playing with the doorknob from the inside.

He throws open the door and reveals a rather unremarkable closet. It's small and only holds a few coats and items, and there is no one to be seen. He closes the door and the handle immediately begins jiggling again. 

The man goes on to show that he can open the door with no resistance and turn the handle just fine on his own. Once it closes, it begins jiggling yet again without fail. You can hear him in the background say how he was going to be getting right on outta' there.

We don't blame you buddy, we would too.