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Woman Does Unique Pattern On the Front Door and It’s Changing the Way We Think About Exteriors

It's cute AND quirky!

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Quick - without going and looking, what does your front door look like? Is it simple black or white, maybe with a window up at the top? Or maybe you’re lucky and have a big glass door so you can look out and see whoever is coming up the walkway.

We bet that it is probably nice, but don’t you think it might also be just a bit, well, boring? If you’re creative and daring, you could maybe take a page out of this TikTok creator’s book and really make your front door a piece to talk about!


Soozi Danson doesn’t like boring and she doesn’t like ordinary. In fact, she goes out of her way to show off every creative bone in her body, and if it doesn’t quite fit in someone else’s aesthetic, oh well!

After all, if it's your own space, why not make it look like whatever you love instead of letting someone else dictate the look for you?

So Soozi decided to make her exterior match the ‘different’ look of the interior of her house and, to do so, she got two tones of greenish paint, a stencil, and some stick-on flowers. (We promise, it all comes together in the end.)

The lighter sage green base goes down first, creating a lovely coat of color that more matches something traditional, but Soozi soon takes it to a whole new level by stenciling on a pattern on the hinge side of the door and painting it with the darker sage to make it pop. The asymmetry here is what really draws the eye, and we have to say that, while unexpected, it really does look nice!

As a final step Soozi takes the tiny retro-looking flowers and puts them in the larger curves of the darker color, little pops of color in the darker space. And we absolutely love it! The look is a little kooky and a lot cute, and you can bet that we are taking notes!