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You Need This Tool If You’re Trying to Remove Door Trim

Home makeovers will be a breeze now!

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Whereas some home makeovers don't require much effort or many tools - such as applying box trim molding to your furniture - others can be a bit daunting, such as removing the trim around the doors in your home. 

TikTok account @ez_home demonstrates in his video an easy way to remove the trim, with only one gadget. 

Well, and with the help of a hammer and a box cutter. But this seems pretty easy to me. I'm not sure how DIYers did this before? 

As you can see in the video, he first inserts an incision with the box cutter to have something to work with and then uses the tool and the hammer to lift up the trim and eventually remove it. I must say, this tool reminds me a little bit of a tool you'd use to lift up a car to change tires.

I guess you could also just use a crow bar, as certain TikTokers suggested in the comments section.

Other wondered why they would want to remove a door trim in the first place? Maybe to paint the walls or add a different type of trim?

However, if you don't like the results from your door trim removal, you can also add trim back with an easy budget-friendly hack, using command strips. 

For some reason, many TikTokers weren't too impressed with this suggestions, referring to the comments section. 

It seems like not many people remove their door trim while doing home renovations.

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