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Your Dresser Drawers Will Smell Heavenly Thanks To This Brilliant Hack

This is way cooler than your mom's lavender satchel.

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As people of a certain age may remember, rummaging through your mom's drawers you would often find a little baggy of dried lavender. The smell permeates her clothes and the wood itself, leaving behind traces of fragrant delightfulness. The think with those satchels is eventually they "wear off" and the smell gets pretty dulled after awhile. Plus, you run the risk of opening it and it scattering all over your clothes. 

So life-hacker Jenn Falik has a trick to make your drawers smell fresh without the satchel hassle. 


You know those little adhesive non-slip pads you stick on the bottom of heavy furniture so they don't scratch up your floor? Simply drip on a few drops of your favorite essential oil smell and stick them to the sides of your drawer. It keeps everything inside smelling nice and fresh while also freeing up space in your drawer. When it need a little refresher, just peel off, drop some oil on again, and you're set! And since there is a wide variety of fragrant essential oils out there you can really make sure you've got a scent that speaks to your preferences.

TikTokers were blown away by the simple hack, and even noted since they are so inconspicuous, you could probably do this under tables and around the house to keep it all smelling fresh. 

Man, don't you just love the internet sometimes?!