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This Huge Backyard Porch Is So Pinterest-Worthy

It can honestly be a whole other living room, tbh

Outside space is kind of a big deal, especially when you have a lot of space to work with. And depending on a variety of factors including location and the size of your family, it’s practically another living space, well at least that’s the case for @tori.gerbig. Her outside patio is basically an outside living room and we’re in love!


Isn’t her family patio so gorgeous!? As seen in the video, the outdoor patio is equipped with a fireplace and TV mounted into the wall, four all weather-proof swivel chairs and coffee table on a huge outdoor area rug, as well as a family dining table. As if the outdoor space couldn’t get any better, the best part about the patio is it also has operational screens to keep bugs out and to also prevent their toddler from accessing their swimming pool without their supervision. This set up is minimal and absolutely perfect for hosting parties and celebrations.

The store owner mentioned that their home is nestled on 50 acres so they have plenty of space to add more if they wish to do so, but honestly this patio is already perfect as-is!