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This Couple Built The Most Dreamy Outdoor Kitchen

*Packs bags to move outside*

Much like thrifting, designing your own space isn’t easy. Even if you have an eye for design, it’s still not always an easy task to not only articulate your creative idea, but find someone that can make your idea come to life the exact way in which you imagined it.

Well, unless you’re DIY couple @kjg_home, who recently not only designed their beautiful outdoor kitchen, but built it themselves!


We’re stunned. This DIY is so simple and beautiful! This style of this stunning outdoor space is every minimalist’s dream with the simple color scheme. We love the neural colors against the pop of green shrubs. And the fire place is amazing!

With almost two million viewers and over 88,0000 likes, we’re not surprised by how much attention this minimal outdoor space has received. But of course, given the amazing outcome of this DIY, there are some people in the comments who doubt the couple built this on their own, however, there are a lot more people who appreciate the beauty of their backyard. “I love it! Absolutely beautiful!!” one user commented. “Looks fantastic,” @k19684 wrote. “I am obsessed,” @thesabrinatan commented.

In response to some of the comments that questioned if the couple actually did build this beautiful backyard space, they posted this video showing a quick glimpse of the couple working on the beautiful DIY.

It does look like an intricate design straight out of a catalog, so we can see why some people would question whether or not the couple designed it themselves, however, they did and we’re impressed!