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Woman’s DIYs Dreamy Floral Chandelier Anyone Can Recreate From Dollar Store Supplies

We cannot get over how simple and stunning this is.

We love a good boho theme. Whether it’s a plant-filled room with a bold-colored wall or a backyard garden with beautiful bright flowers and string lights illuminating the entire space, the boho theme is always a vibe. What I especially love about boho themes, a lot of furniture and accent pieces can be thrifted or can be done via DIY, making it super affordable to achieve the highly coveted look. And you know what we also love, A good and affordable DIY.

Thankfully, TikTok user @nicmaggie came through with a DIY that’s not only inexpensive, but it’s absolutely gorgeous!


So dreamy, right?! We love the beautiful spring colors she chose to use for the DIY how simple it is to do. What’s even better is all of the items can be purchased at the dollar store so it’s super budget-friendly! When this DIY is complete, you can hang the chandelier in your home against a white or green wall where the colors will pop against those simple wall colors. Another option is to make several of these since they’re quite affordable and use them if you have an outside wedding! Really, the options with how you choose to use this beautiful decor piece is endless.

The comments were flooded with people writing how beautiful this is as well as offering additional tips. “So pretty. Tip: spray it with peppermint scent to avoid spiders setting up lil homes in there,” wrote @tara22549. Uhh great idea, we wouldn’t want that to happen. “So beautiful!! I'm inspired to do one with peonies and hydrangeas so probably will look like a giant puff ball,” TikTok user @rehndown commented.

However you choose to use it, we’re sure it’ll be stunning in any setting.