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Add A Touch Of Fall With These Lovely Dried Floral Pumpkins

What a cute fall alternative!

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Need something that will bring a hint of fall into your house without going the typical or traditional routes? Maybe something that still involves pumpkins but doesn’t use anything that leans toward neon orange or scary carved faces?

Well, take a look at what one creator did with some biodegradable glue, dried flowers, and a few pumpkins, and see if maybe it is more your cup of tea!


Sunny of NorthWoodsFolk is a nature-inspired mother and maker of things, meaning that most of what she puts together uses stuff straight from the great outdoors. Today she has gotten a couple of paler pumpkins rather than bright orange ones and gathered some dried florals together for one brilliant and beautifully-Fall themed decoration!

First, get your pumpkin and lightly clean it with water. You will then use a glue mixture, such as the biodegradable one that Sunny used and which you can find the directions for below, and coat the face of the pumpkin. Then grab your dried florals and start adding them on in various patterns or wherever you feel they ‘fit’, adding another coat of the glue on top to help make it really stick.

Keep adding and adding until you feel it is done. You can literally add as many, or as few, as look good to you, and use different fall-themed colors, leaves, and flowers to really help make it fit the Autumnal theme. You could even add a few pieces of dried grass or some fake butterflies for added effect!

For the biodegradable glue, all you have to do is get a saucepan, then add in 3/4 C water, syrup, and vinegar, stir, and bring the mixture to a full boil. Allow to fully cool then you can use it in the place of glue!