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These Driftwood Sculptures Might Inspire You to Try a New Hobby

This is gorgeous!

Have you been looking to pick up a new hobby in your downtime? Maybe you’ve already looked at sewing, weaving,  and knitting and those just don’t seem like the right thing for you.

But have you ever thought about something a little more unusual, a little different, a little unique? Maybe something more like wood hunting, and putting together driftwood pieces into something cool and unusual?


That is exactly what Jennifer Szczyrbak from the ‘land of a thousand lakes’ does. As a driftwood sculptor she is constantly combing the local lake and riversides to find unusual pieces of water-carved wood to bring home and carve. Not only that, she uses leftover pieces as well, piecing them together like strange jigsaws to create wondrous art.

In the video, Jennifer uses her creativity and experience to collect a bunch of different pieces and brings to life a beautiful and gentle deer in repose. The most amazing thing about this deer piece is that no one would have ever really expected it to turn out this way. In fact, if one were to look at just the basics, they’d think it was a bunch of castoff wood just lying around.

It takes Jennifer to bring out the heart and soul of these pieces, to create artwork worthy of being displayed in any museum or home, and we get to see more of her pieces towards the end of the video. A whale, a wild mustang with flowing hair, an eagle on a perch, along with many others. 

We have to admit it gives us inspiration and motivation, and we might just be headed out to the beach later on!