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Video Shows Why You Need to Drill a Hole In the Side Of Your Trashcan Right Now

It’ll change the way you deal with household waste.

Trashcans - they seem simple enough to use, right? Well, for the most part, they are. You take out the old trash bag filled with garbage, take it outside, then come back in to put a new bag in, no sweat.

But there is typically that one dreaded issue that all of us face at one point or another - what to do when you trash bag doesn’t go all the way down and just stays crumpled, meaning you aren’t using the bag to its ‘full potential’. Well, one TikTok’er has come up with the solution!


This trick comes to us from DollarTreeJLo, which is an interesting name in and of itself and you can bet that we had a nice little chuckle over it and might snag it for a handle or two ourselves in the future!

So what can you do to make sure that your trash bag goes into the very bottom of your can? Well, you need to grab a drill and your trash can. About a third of the way up from the bottom on the backside you will want to drill a super small hole. Make sure that it is high enough that anything that might leak into your trashcan won’t leak out, because you don’t want to be spilling liquid out onto your floor!

Next, grab your bag and a vacuum. Even a small hand vacuum will do, you just need suction for this ‘hack’ to work. Put your bag in the can then put your suction, be it tube or hand vac, up to the hole and get to sucking out all the air. If you look you can see the air start to be drawn out of the can even as the sides of your bag start being pulled out until, finally, you have a bag that totally covers your entire can!

And that is it! It might take a little bit of work, but if you have major issue with your bag not sitting properly, this is the easiest way to fix that!