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High School Has a 'Drive Anything But A Car' Day And What Happens Is Hilarious

But where did they get a firetruck?

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How did you get to school? If you’re like most people, then you probably answered something like a car or truck. Or maybe you lived close enough that you could walk, or far enough that you had to take the bus! But it usually didn’t get much crazier than that.

Well, one school district recently decided to host a ‘drive anything but a car to school day’, and you could certainly say that it went well.


The MaxPreps channel, which usually features a lot of football and game-day-related activities recently also decided to showcase Burns High School and its… interesting tradition. They host a day every year that allows driving-age kids, and even teachers, to drive up in anything except a car, and this year there were quite a few… interesting modes of transportation.

The video itself starts off with… an entire firetruck. Now, we are pretty sure the teen isn’t allowed to drive it, but you have to admit that the sight of an entire firetruck rolling up and the idea of the kid hopping out with his backpack is pretty darn fascinating. We don’t think anything can really top it in scale, but there are a whole lot of other interesting vehicles as well!

Golf carts, a ton of tractors (including one teacher zipping in on her own tractor), an entire stampede of horses which is totally giving us a Red Dead Redemption vibe, and more. Seriously, there were a ton of tractors, and its pretty clear that the area is home to quite a few farmers and their families. Now, we have to admit to being pretty jealous about the whole thing, and unless your school had something similar, we bet you are feeling the same way as well!