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Woman Shares Proper Way to Dry Flowers and It’s Not What You Thought

We never knew there is more than one way to do this.

Flowers have always been a great way to decorate your home. Whether faux or real, dried or pressed, flowers can easily spruce up the space in your home with their beautiful appeal. If you’re not a fan of faux flowers, but are looking to decorate your home with something that will last a lot longer than real flowers, then perhaps you should look into using dry flowers.

While hang drying is a popular method used to dry flowers, there’s another method we’ve recently came across courtesy of TikTok content creator @avigailadam1. We’re amazed with the final look of the flowers!


In the quick video, she carefully selects her variety of colorful flowers that aren’t only gorgeous, but are thick-stemmed as well to make the drying process easier. In one clip, she takes a bunch of flowers, ties a string around them and proceeds to hang dry them. The next clip she places a bunch of flowers into a pot adds silica gel on top of them, while letting them sit in the pot for a few days. We’re then shown the bunches of flowers after using both methods and the difference between the two methods is astonishing! The hang-dried flowers kept their color, but appear to be wilted and rather old-looking, while the flowers that were dried using silica gel kept their color as well, but looked so fresh!

We had no idea about using silica gel to dry out flowers prior to seeing this video, but now that we know, this is our preferred method from now on!