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Woman Claims This Mixture Will Get You a Dust-Free Home

Worth a shot!

If you've ever cleaned your home, you know what a pain dust is. You can use all the cleaning products in the world, but if you don't get the dust out of your air ducts and away from your furniture, your house will never be truly clean. You can do certain things to reduce and repel dust off certain surfaces.

Not everyone was in love with this hack, questioning how effective it was.

"Where is the dust going to go then? Will it just magically disappear?" @iamonlyjoking1922

"So falling dust would actually avoid these area wiped with this solution? *Falling dust and oops! This surface is a no go!*" @D I A N A

Others were at least a little more descriptive as to why this hack wasn't their favorite for keeping dust out.

"It doesn't prevent dust, it repels and stops it from settling on said surfaces. It will just settle on the floor." @Dean Andrejevic

For you own dust repellent, mix the ingredients: olive oil, white vinegar, water, and optional essential oil. First, pour equal parts of the three liquids into a spray bottle (you can use an empty hand sanitizer bottle).

Then add in your essential oils. You can do this by using a dropper to measure out a few drops, by simple drops, or by bottle without measuring how many you've added. If you're using peppermint oil as one of your scents (which would be awesome), choose warmer, heavier scents like eucalyptus or pine—these will balance out the cooling sensation that peppermint tends to give off.

You’re now equipped with a simple, affordable way to keep dust off your furniture. The best part is this solution only takes minutes to make! You can even add essential oils for a pleasant scent if desired.