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Here’s How to Keep Your Home Dust-Free for Longer

Work smarter, not harder!

Has cleaning your house got you down? It can be a bit difficult to keep up with all the chores it takes to make sure that your home is dust-free, and how many times have you bought a new attachment or new dust cloth to try and make sure that it stays gone only for that to fail? Well, if you are anything like most of us, then that’s happened a bunch.

But we may have a fail-safe solution to keeping your house, if not dust-free, at least a little bit let dusty! At the very least it should lengthen the time in between dustings!


Vicolsfamily, a channel on TikTok, features a lot of cleaning tips and tricks that you can use around your home and that won’t have you breaking the bank or running to the store for some crazy cleaning equipment. No, you just need a few things that you most likely already have in your household!

To make this hack work you will want to get a cup of water and mix in some fabric softener with it. It doesn’t even have to be the expensive kind, just whatever you already have lying around your house! Make sure it is mixed in together pretty well then grab yourself a cloth because you are going to dunk and soak it.

The final ‘step’ to this is just wipe down your surfaces like normal! No extra cleaning required, and you don’t have to dust, then wipe down, or do anything special. Remember that you don’t want the cloth dripping wet but you do want to make sure that it is soaked through.

As for how, and why, this works - softener essentially puts a thin layer of wax on your clothes to help keep them supple. This same layer of wax is laid down when you mix water and softener and spread it out on your surfaces, helping keep dirt and dust from sticking to them! Try it out for yourself (you can thank us later!)