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Woman Uses the Sun and Flowers to Dye Thrifted 90s Nighty and You Will Not Believe the Results

This is completely mind-blowing!

If you are anything like us then you probably have all sorts of seemingly useless thrifted items lying around, just waiting for their chance to be used in some craft or another. Maybe it is a milk jug that you want to put flowers in or that pile of clothes that you’d love to turn into a blanket or pillows one day. But what about nighties?

Nighties were pretty ubiquitous back in the day, every sitcom and television show seemed to show the mom wearing one under her robe. I don’t see them very much these days, but as soon as I saw this super cool hack for upcycling an old nighty, I almost ran out to try and find one myself!


Our TikTok creator for this super cool hack is Daisy Bow (daisy_bowcraft), and she did something I quite honestly didn’t think was possible… She managed to take a thrifted, 90s-era nighty and turn it into something I’d want to wear, like, now.

She starts off with a plain white nighty. It has a bit of cute lace trim, but it sort of screams ‘grandmother’ to me. The nighty is first painted with a chemical that changes color when it is hit by UV light, aka the sun. Daisy then takes the time and effort to lay out an arrangement of dried, pressed flowers ranging from ivy, fern, bleeding hearts, and more. The flowers block the UV light wherever they are laid, meaning that whatever is underneath remains white while the rest of the nighty grows a darker purple in reaction to the sun.

Now, it doesn’t appear that there is a reveal yet (and you can bet we will let you know when one is up), but from what we can see this is going to be an absolutely stunning nighty!