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Woman Shows Us How to Easily Remove Pet Hair From Bathrooms

We're definitely doing this from now on.

Our beloved pets are practically our family members. They’re loyal, love us unconditionally and for many pet parents, our bond with our pets is pretty strong. While we have a tremendous love for our furry friends, the one thing about them that can for sure be a nuisance is the abundance of pet hair. For some of us, it seems that no matter how much cleaning we do, their shedding hair always seems to find a way in just about every area of our home.

Some people may not mind the lose hair, but for the rest of us that do, especially those of us with allergies, TikTok user @hammsmom shows us how to effectively remove pet hair from our bathroom sink and counters with this cordless vacuum. It’s definitely a splurge, but it’s game changing!


This cleaning tip is so genius! We never thought to vacuum the pet hair before wiping down the countertops and sink. It’s simply brilliant! Of course the vacuum can also get rid of any other hair and first in your bathroom as well. For some people, the thought of using a vacuum in your bathroom may sound a little gross since this is a cleaning tool that you can use throughout your household, but this vacuum in particular has interchangeable attachments so you can reserve a specific attachment for the bathroom and you can also clean the attachments as well!

We’re not the only ones mind-blown by this cleaning tip, some people in the comments were just as impressed with how effective this is.

If this means we no longer have to pick hair out of cleaning towels and sponges, we say this cleaning tip is worth a try!

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