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This Caulking Hack Promises Clean Lines In Half the Time

What a game-changer!

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When it comes to renovating your home, the most tricky part is applying the painter's tape and painting hard-to-get places such as trim and baseboards. Another challenge of renovating is caulking the edges around a door frame and baseboards, but it doesn't have to be.

TikTok account @diyhomeimprovementguy shares an easy hack on how to get clean caulking down. Let's check it out. 

Of course! Painter's tape! It's a game-changer for many makeover hacks, it seems.

As you can see in the video, he first applied the painter's tape with a specific tool to the side of the door trim, to make sure it was a straight line. He then applied caulk to even everything out since the trim was bumpy. And lastly, he applied a coat of white paint. 

And that's it.

The tricky part about caulking is that you need to have a damp rag handy or wear gloves and have a cup of water close by, so you can dip your index finger into it, and that way you can remove access caulk. But it needs to be done quickly. However, since it's around the door trim and he adds white paint, the caulking job doesn't have to be perfect. 

TikTok liked it too, looking at what the comments suggested.

As TikToker @trentodonnell commented,

"As an amateur, this is a must haha."

I agree although I am not great at applying the tape. Not even with this tool.

Another person (@rebeccaturner) posted,

"[...] Perfect finish. If I pay a pro I don’t care if they free-hand or tape so long as the finish is spot on."


And TikToker @jakepenebaker wrote,

"Only if you get the tape down straight. That would be my problem lol."

Exactly my problem too.

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