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This Is The Absolute Easiest and Cheapest Way Ever To Hide Alexa In Your Kitchen

I can't believe we've never thought of this.

For many of us, Alexa is a lifesaver. We can easily order things from Amazon when we’re running low on household items, play music to set the mood while we cook and clean, and we use the handy device to remind us of our grocery store lists. It’s truly a necessity in our kitchen. However, while Alexa helps us with organization and managing our daily lives, it’s not always in the most convenient space.

If you’re one of those people whose Alexa inconveniently sits on the kitchen counter taking up unnecessary space, TikTok user @diyanddesign_ shares with us the cheapest and easiest way to hide Alexa, while still using the device as normal. This hack is so genius!


How easy is this hack?! It’s so simple, yet so effective, especially if you spend a lot of time prepping and cooking in your kitchen and need that extra counter space to do so. Simply placing your favorite cookbook, cutting boards and kitchen utensils in front of Alexa not only hides it, but it also makes the corner of kitchen counter look more polished and organized as well.

We love a good hack that helps make our lives easier and this one in particular, can be added to our list of favorites.