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Woman Uses Painter's Tape to Create Stunning Bathroom Accent Wall

That simple!

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Painter's tape is your new best friend when it comes to creating an accent wall. You can use the tape to create a checkered pattern, or something abstract. Your options are wide open, as long as you have a vision.

TikTok creator Jana certainly had a vision, when she decided to give her bathroom an abstract makeover in the form of an accent wall. Let's take a look!

It looks great!

All she did, was use painter's tape - to create an abstract pattern - and the paint of her choice, which looks like royal blue. First, she applied the tape onto the wall and ceiling and then painted over it - I'd assume she used two coats of paint - she then let it dry, and lastly, peeled off all the tape. 

If you also decide to use blue paint, maybe get a different color of tape to make sure you're able to remove it all.

Looking at the comments section, TikTok had mixed feelings about it.

As one person (@neonmoonhighpriestess) wrote,

"Nah I am looking at this and it's making me dizzy. Imagine coming home drunk and needing to use the bathroom."

I can see this having a little bit of a trippy effect - but still cool.

Another person (@achouteau14) commented,

"I love the finished product!"

I do too!

And TikToker @bravostarr2 posted,

"That turned out great!"

Indeed, it did!

We certainly love an easy DIY paint job!

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