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Woman Organizes Utensils Drawer With an Easy and Budget-Friendly Hack

Better than store bought!

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There are certain home makeovers that are more appealing than others, such as kitchen renovations. There is just something really satisfying about removing old paint or chipped laminate. And even more satisfying, is organizing kitchen drawers. 

TikTok creator and queen of DIY projects Lauren, demonstrates in her video an easy way to create drawer organizers, DIY edition. Let's check it out. 

It looks better than a store-bought version and is way cheaper and so easy to make.

As her caption reads,

"Have a drawer that looks like this? If you do, here’s a super quick and easy weekend DIY for you![...]"

All she did was measure the drawer first to figure out how many compartments she would need for all her utensils. She then glued and nailed scrap 1 x 2s together to receive a custom look for her drawer. She also sealed it with clear polyurethane to give it a nice polish, for easy cleaning and wiping down. Lauren glued hers in - but you don't have to. Especially if your home is rented, it's probably not recommended, and better to just wedge it in. Everything you'll need, you can get at your local hardware store, or Home Depot.

Pretty easy DIY project if you'd ask me.

But that's not all Lauren did, she also changed the vent hood and island colors of her kitchen. And if you checked her other videos, you already know, she does a lot of DIY projects around her home, such as this laundry room makeover.

And we are all here for it!


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