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Woman’s DIY Inset Shelves In Laundry Room Are a Brilliant Storage Solution

You can do it too!

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This is for all the DIYers out there, don't feel intimidated. These days a lot of women are in the business for home makeovers and work as contractors or hobby contractors. 

Meet TikTok creator and DIY project queen, Lauren who does a lot of renovations around her home. Let's take a look! 

Wow! She did that! She also created DIY drying racks in her laundry room.

To accomplish this look, she first used her multi-functional power tool to cut the drywall, after marking inside the studs. She then closed off the top and bottom with 1x4s that she secured to the studs with pocket hole screws, and covered everything with MDF board. The last steps involved caulking, painting, and trimming them. She also added a countertop outlet next to the steamer for easy access. 

That's all!

Pretty simple. Even for inexperienced DIYers, such as myself.

These inset shelves are great because they are hidden and offer enough storage, as well as prevent anyone from bumping their head on them like they would on regular shelves.

As mentioned, she did a lot of cool things from scratch in her laundry room and her entire home!

In her caption, she wrote,

"What’s your favorite project on this side of the room? The nooks, fluted cabinet, sliding shelves, or drying racks??"

Honestly, it's hard to pick just one thing when everything created is stunning. I am blown away by her skills, as people would pay good money for contractors to do this kind of work. I wonder how many trials and errors it took her to get to that level. I already give up after doing multiple paint jobs, which all came out messy.

What are your thoughts on this?

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